International Road Racing Championship

On this website you find all the information about the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC). This championship is held over 6 events in 4 different countries. The races are resumed at the FIM or FIM Europe calendar. The races are admitted by their national federation and meet the requirements of this federation.
The organisation is owned by Hamove Hengelo Gld (NL), Frohburger Dreieck (D) and K.V. Ostend Motor Sport vzw (B).
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IRRC race Chimay, we met the dark side of racing

The fourth races for the IRRC championship were held on the fast circuit of Chimay. It was already the third time that IRRC races were held on the circuit in the south of Belgium. In stead of the races in Hengelo Gld (NL), Oss (NL) and Oostende (B) the Supersport and Superbikes were combined due to the busy time schedule, because there were races for de Open Belgium Championship (OBK) as well. The sun was shining on Saturday morning. Nobody could expect it would turn out into a terrible raceday.

The Belgium IRRC and OBK rider Vick de Cooremeter crashed in his first practise in the second lap. He was transported to the hospital with several injuries.  Thilo Häfele, an experient road race rider, crashed during the IRRC practise. Just as Vick de Cooremeter he was badly injured as well and both had to fight for their lives. During the practise for the Open Belgium Championship Supersport local rider Julien Pascal crashed badly. Soon it became clear he didn’t survive the crash. But that wasn’t all.

In the morning de news reached the circuit that Thilo Häfele didn’t survive the night. Although the bad news the races took place with a delay of several hours, because of problems with the communication devises. De Belgium rider Marc Fisette won the race, German Didier Grams was second and de Dutch rider Johan Fredriks third. Timothy Baken (B) was the fastest Supersport rider and Joey den Besten (NL) second.

After the IRRC prizing ceremony everybody was silent for 1 minute to remember Thilo Häfele with his race helmet on the podium. After the news reached the circuit that Vick de Cooremeter didn’t win his battle for life and it began to rain a little the IRRC riders decided not to race the second race. In stead of that they rode a low speed lap to remember Thilo Häfele and Vick de Cooremeter. They got a standing ovation of the crowd, almost everybody on and beside the track had tears in their eyes.  

The IRRC organisation wishes the families, friends and teams all the strength they need to conquer this loss.


Provisional program for the 2014 season: 

  Circuit Date
Hengelo Gld 03/04 May
Oss 08/09 June
Oostende 21/22 June
Chimay 26/27 July
Hořice 09/10 August
Frohburg 27/28 September

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IRRC Champions 2013
SBK: Didier Grams
SSP: Laurent Hoffmann