International Road Racing Championship

On this website you find all the information about the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC). This championship is held over 6 events in 4 different countries. The races are resumed at the FIM or FIM Europe calendar. The races are admitted by their national federation and meet the requirements of this federation.
The organisation is owned by Hamove Hengelo Gld (NL), Frohburger Dreieck (D) and K.V. Ostend Motor Sport vzw (B).
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Provisional program for the 2014 season:

  Circuit Date
Hengelo Gld 03/04 May
Oss 08/09 June
Oostende 21/22 June
Chimay 26/27 July
Hořice 09/10 August
Frohburg 27/28 September

IRRC Champions 2013
SBK: Didier Grams
SSP: Laurent Hoffmann

Sebastien Le Grelle and Didier Grams winners in Chimay
Because of the cancellation of the race in Terlicko were in Chimay three IRRC manches. The organisation wanted to hold on to a total of ten manches.
Ex-GP rider Sebastien Le Grelle won two out of three manches. Didier Grams won the other manche.
For the Dutch riders Frank Bakker en Jochem van den Hoek it wasn’t a pleasant weekend. They both crashed and had to go to the hospital. IRRC-rider Branko Sdranov was not in Chimay as well. He is still recovering from his crash during the TT on the island of Man.
The first practise on Saturday morning was cancelled because of heavy rain and wind. Because most riders also signed in for the races for the Belgium championship they still had two practises on Saturday. De Belgium rider Vic de Cooremeter had pole position, Sebastien le Grelle second and Didier Grams was third.
Didier Grams dominated the race on Saturday afternoon. He won for Vic de Cooremeter, Gian Mertens, Sebastien le Grelle and Nicky de Wit.
Sebastien Le Grelle won the races on Sunday. Didier Grams was second and Nicky de wit third.
Virgil Amber Bloemhard, on the fourth place after four manches, had a bad weekend in Chimay. The first race he was eight and de other two races he had mechanical problems.

The next race is Frohburg. There is a race on Saturday and two on Sunday as well.

During the 2013 events we will have an IRRC tent in the paddock at every event. In this tent riders can get information about the championship and can buy some merchandising.
We hope more circuits and riders will get interested in the championship.
Interested in participating? Send us an email!

IRRC races Ostend, Belgium
On the 8 and 9th of June the IRRC was back in Ostend after 3 years. It was a warm welcome again on the circuit at in the North sea harbor. While the rest of Belgium were wearing shorts and 't shirts, a long trousers and warm coat were necessary in Ostend. The wind that came from the North sea was very cold.
On saturday David Drieghe fell and had to go to hospital for a check. There was nothing serious so he could ride the races on sunday. During the practice it was already clear that Didier Grams was almost unbeatable. Thought there were many guest riders the Supersport and Superbikes had separate races. The amount of public that came on sunday to the races showed that they hadn't forget the Ostend races. Thousands and thousands of people surrounded the circuit.
The first IRRC race on sunday was the Supersport race with 23 riders. It was a beautiful battle between Laurent Hoffman, Thomas Kreutz and Wim van den Broeck. They were much faster then the rest. Hoffman won the race, before Kreutz and van den Broeck. The second IRRC race was the Superbike race. It was already clear on saturday that Didier Grams was the man to beat. His fastest lap was 0,6 seconds faster than number two. If he didn't make any mistake Didier Grams would go for his second win this year, after his win in the second manche in Hengelo. The battle for the second place was a beautiful one! Six riders battled for it during the first part of the race. In the second part of the race Virgil-Amber Bloemhard found something extra and rode away from Nicky de Wit. On the finish line the gap between Nicky the Wit and the Thilo Günther on place eight was only five seconds.
In the second IRRC Supersport race everybody thought the victory would go to the german Thomas Kreutz. He had a gap, a small one, on second man Wim van den Broeck. A few laps before the finish line Thomas Kreutz took too much risk and crashed. He could pick up his bike but it was too late for a good result. The podium was all Belgium with Wim van den Broeck on the first, Laurent Hoffman on the second and Timothy Baken on the third place.
In the second IRRC Superbike race Didier Grams was again the fastest man. After 8 laps there was a crash and because the bike laid on the circuit the race was stopped. After the red flag there was a sprint race over three laps but the times where counted together. Didier Grams won for David Drieghe and Nicky de Wit. The next race is in Chimay in July.