International Road Racing Championship

On this website you find all the information about the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC). This championship is held over 6 events in 4 different countries. The races are resumed at the FIM or FIM Europe calendar. The races are admitted by their national federation and meet the requirements of this federation.
The organisation is owned by Hamove Hengelo Gld (NL), Frohburger Dreieck (D) and K.V. Ostend Motor Sport vzw (B).
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IRRC races Horice

Two weeks after the tragedy in Chimay, where three riders lost their lives the next event was held in Horice in the Czech Republic. It was the first time the IRRC races were held on this road circuit. The circuit of Horice has got many turns. That’s why the name of the circuit is circuit 300 curves of Gustav Havel.
You can’t compare the circuit of Horice with other circuits where the IRRC races are. The circuit of Horice looks most like the road circuits in Ireland like the North West 200 circuit. A part of the circuit is situated within the town of Horice. It has all the obstacles that belongs to a public road like pavements, trees, walls and street lights.
All the riders had a sticker with the number 111 and 211 on it. Those numbers belong to the IRRC riders Vick de Cooremeter and Thilo Häfele who lost their lives in Chimay.
The riders from the Czech Republic showed that they know the way pretty well on the 5150 meter long track on Saturday. In the Supersport the first three places where occupied by Czech riders. Marek Ceverny was the fastest rider for Michal Dokoupil and Kamil Holan. Kamil Holan was on the front row in the Superbike races as well. But now on the first place. Besides him were Didier Grams on the second place and the Ales Nechvatal on the third place.
On Sunday the sun was shining and almost 10.000 spectators visited the races. It was obvious that road racing is still very popular. The Czech riders dominated the Supersport races. Michal Dokoupil won the race with only 0,2 seconds for Marek Cerveny and Kamil Holan on third place. The first non-Czech was the Italian rider Luca Gottardi on the fourth place.
The Czech rider Ales Nechvatal won the first Superbike race. On the second and third place the two German riders Didier Grams and Thomas Kreutz.
During the second Supersport race the same two riders battled for the victory. But Marek Cerveny won the race this time. Michal Dokoupil was second and Luca Gottardi third. The second Superbike race looked like the first race. Ales Nechvatal won before Kamil Holan and Didier Grams.
It was a positive race weekend for the road race sport without serious accidents. The last IRRC race is in Frohburg on the 27 and 28 of September.
Normally Didier Grams will win the Superbike championship. He has 40 points more than Johan Fredriks and 96 points more than Frank Bakker. Who will win the Supersport championship will be exciting till the last lap. Joey den Besten has only one point more than Marek Cerveny and 20 points more than Timothy Baken.

Provisional program for the 2014 season: 

  Circuit Date
Hengelo Gld 03/04 May
Oss 08/09 June
Oostende 21/22 June
Chimay 26/27 July
Hořice 09/10 August
Frohburg 27/28 September

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IRRC Champions 2013
SBK: Didier Grams
SSP: Laurent Hoffmann