Over here you can download the 2021 regulations and find  the online-application form for the 2021 IRRC season.

Please read the regulations carefully. The online-application forms for championship and wildcards IRRC 2021 will be automatically forwarded after filling out in full. A copy of this online-application form will be sent to your emailbox. If you do have questions after reading the documents 'regulations' we advise you to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


IRRC Regulations 2021 (PDF)

IRRC 2021 season Online-Application forms:

IRRC 2021 Season No longer available
Round 1: Chimay (BEL) Wildcard No longer available
Round 2: Horice (CZE) Wildcard No longer available
Round 3: Hengelo Gld (NED) Wildcard No longer available
Round 4: Frohburg (GER) Wildcard No longer available

Only filled out online-application forms will be accepted, handwritten copies will not be accepted and deleted!

Please keep in mind that a filled out application form wildcardrider doesn't mean that the rider automatically is enrolled for the relevant event. The IRRC will send you a confirmation by email if you may start at the event.  

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